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Battlefield 3: 12 Minute Gameplay HD Trailer

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/19/2011 - 10:30 COMMENT

Electonic arts released over 12 minutes of game footage for Battlefield 3.

Staff Sgt. Black and his team of U.S. Marines head into the bad part of town as they move to the rooftops to eliminate an enemy sniper in an abandoned hotel in this full 12 minutes of gameplay from Battlefield 3, featuring never before shown footage.

This in-game footage from Battlefield 3 shows off the ANT animation technology. As the explosive finish to the Battlefield 3 Fault Line series draws near, Sgt. Black is tasked with disarming a home-made bomb, leading to first-person melee combat with the bomber and a large-scale firefight in the streets against massive opposition.

Battlefield 3 is available this fall for PC, PS3 and XBox 360.