Advanced Review: Blue Beetle #16

Posted: 01/22/2013 - 17:26 COMMENT


Young Jaime Reyes’ days of wandering the universe, trying to bring peace between himself and the incredible Scarab armor he wears, is not over, it’s just switching places.

After Reyes and his nemesis Sky Witness both put on a primo battle against the Ebons of Lady Styx, Blue Beetle is towed away for more action in next month’s Threshold: The Hunted!

But just because this is the last issue of Blue Beetle in his own title does not mean it was dullsville. Not by a long shot!

For one thing, we find out much more about Sky Witness, one of the most original characters in decades. We also find out a little more about “The Hunt,” the cosmic game that has fans buying tickets (and weapons) and attracting ratings Marvel’s Mojo would be envious of.

It turns out, in this cosmic saga by master storyteller Tony Bedard, that it was BB’s own friend/guide Moonrunner that turned him over to the Ebons for an appearance on the galactic Battle Royal, in which no contestant makes it out until they are pushing up daisies.

Artist Marcio Takara turns in a great job here, telling the story simply and with clean lines that let a newcomer understand what is going on with Jaime and his “Bugsuit.”

A final issue it might be, but it also may be the brightest day in the life of young Jaime Reyes -- and Blue Beetle.

I am expecting big things from Threshold. I hope they come true for Blue Beetle as well.