Advanced Review: Blue Beetle #10

Posted: 06/19/2012 - 16:59 COMMENT

When I worked for the state of Kentuckybriefly, they had a saying it was difficult for someone coming from a weekly newspaper where you practically spend every hour of every day: Close enough for government work!

Thus is this tight and entertaining tale of the Blue Beetle from the mind of Tony Bedard. Say what you want pro or con this comic, Bedard knows how to entertain and do so without making the star of the book a jerk or go against a character’s own beliefs. And Blue Beetle #10 is highly entertaining!

For the uninitiated, BB (love those initials, lol) has been trying to live his life as a hero in NYC, but it just isn’t shaping out the way he thought it would. (Shoulda consulted Spidey or DD in the 616, Jaime.)

Now the Beetle is on the run from the D.E.O and Mister Bones has come to town, it seems.

Ig Guara (my fave artist name of the month!) and J.P. Mayer carry this Bedard tale well, and their kinda cartoonish action often spills into entertaining panels of true emotion and defiance as BB makes his way to the ending.

It is this kind of tale the New 52 needs and, at least for this month, Blue Beetle #10 is where to find it.