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Aaron Eckhart Talks Heath Ledger Vs Jared Leto Joker

Matt McGloin Posted: 11/12/2016 - 22:26 COMMENT

As Harvey Dent is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs, what does Aaron Eckhart, who played Two-Face for Christopher Nolan in Batman: The Dark Knight, feel about the Joker reboot in Suicide Squad?

The latest issue of Total Film magazine catches up with Aaron Eckhart and asks his thoughts on the Jared Leto Joker compared to the Heath Ledger Joker.

"No," Eckhart responded when asked if he has seen Suicide Squad. "I didn't know there was a Joker in Suicide Squad. Actually, I saw Jared Leto's make-up. Is he the Joker? I thought it was unlike Heath's. Heath did the genius thing of making his make-up home-grown. That's out-of-the-box thinking, and it's so effective."

Aaron Eckhart continues with a hint he would tip his hat in favor of Heath Ledger, which only makes sense.

"I haven't seen Suicide Squad. My experience is my experience for Batman," Eckhart said. "I don't compare it to anything or [my Two-Face] to Tommy Lee Jones'. It just doesn't matter to me. I was with Heath and everybody else. I had that experience with Chris [Nolan]. I never thought I'd be in Batman, but you know, Heath did something that nobody else did. You can try to intimidate..."