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3 Actresses Possibly Up For Wonder Woman In Batman Vs. Superman

Matt McGloin Posted: 11/07/2013 - 22:21 COMMENT


The Wonder Woman rumors surrounding Batman Vs. Superman continue as it's reported that three actresses have tried out for a role that sounds a lot like the DC Comics superheroine.

Earlier it came out that French model and actress Olga Kurylenko is possibly up for the role of Wonder Woman, and now Variety adds two more with Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung.

Note: The role in Batman Vs. Superman is not specifically said to be for Wonder Woman, but the description of the character is leading to speculation as it reads a "tall, brunette, athletic and exotic" character.

It is reported the role is for the female lead, which would make Wonder Woman a lead part in the movie along with Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman.

It could be possible the role is actually for a female villain, which we've thrown out there could be an Amazon bodyguard to Lex Luthor.

Another rumor hit late last night suggesting Dick Grayson is to appear as Nightwing in Batman Vs. Superman as well, which would bring the total number of superheroes - along with Wonder Woman - to four. Too much?

Update: Variety also reports The Flash will cameo, and that The Flash and Wonder Woman are said to be "locks" in some fashion or another for Batman Vs. Superman.

Update #2: Wonder Woman said to be minor role and actresses up for another role.

The sequel to "Man of Steel" has a July 17, 2015 release also starring Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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Wonder Woman? Or A Villain?

Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung