Constantine Said To Have A Season 2



Good news for fans of the NBC series Constantine as Angelica Celaya, who plays Zed, says there will be a second season.

NBC recently announced that they are not ordering additional episodes of Constantine for Season 1 on top of the initial thirteen.

Series lead, Matt Ryan, then took to the various social networks to start a #SaveConstantine campaign.

Now while speaking in an interview with CBR, Celaya lets it be known additional episodes for Season 1 they didn’t get to do will be spun over to the second season.

We have up to episode 15 in our hands, and we wish you guys could see what a riot that would have been. That’s going to get reworked for season two. I got contracted for 13 episodes. I didn’t get contracted for 15, 19 or 20. The funny thing is, everybody got scared. “They are canceling Constantine.” Well, according to my contract, I was only scheduled for 13. According to my timeslot, I knew I was going to have January and February and so on free. The true diehard fans got really scared saying, “Oh, my God. What happened?”

It’s like, “Wait a minute. There are other series that started off a little slow, trying to see what they were doing.” You see our episodes and the money going into those graphics and CG. When you are spending a pretty dime making these graphics look like you are going to the movies, it adds up.

Celya also comments on the #SaveConstantine campaign that was trending on Twitter for a while.

Honestly, it’s so humbling. As of right now, we have very few episodes on the air because we started late in the season. To have fans out there rallying and voting for People’s Choice and making #SaveConstantine a trending topic on Twitter is very humbling. It only makes us want to get back into the groove, get back into the stories. All of us on set, when we saw the fans screaming and stepping up, we were like, “We have got to make this good. Forget us. Forget whatever the actors want. No, no, no. We have fans we need to please, so we better step this up.”

While NBC has yet to officially announce a second season for Constantine, the network seems to be backing the series as reruns have been airing on their SyFy network and the cast was also a featured as part of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The series has also contains lot of cool DC comics Easter Eggs and references, and one of the highest rated episodes featured Jim Corrigan, aka The Spectre, who returns for the Season 1 finale.

Constantine airs Fridays at 10pm ET on NBC.