Conan’s Marcus Nispel To Direct The Hack/Slash Movie


image0001 Marcus Nispel, director on the recent reboot of Conan The Barbarian as well as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, is set to take on the Relativity’s adaptation of the Image Comics/Devil’s Due comic book, Hack/Slash.

Hack/Slash, created by Tim Seely, stars Cassie Hack, a horror “victim” who decides to stop being a victim and take matters into her own hands by getting back at various villains and horror monsters. Film horror monsters have even appeared in the comic including Chucky.

The comic is definitely a mature book, one of which our very own Timelord is a fan, “Have I ever said how much I love this comic?  Yeah – sure I have – but it’s worth saying again.  I’m not even a horror fan per se, but Seely has made me eagerly look forward to each new issue of this series.”

At times (understatement!) Hack/Slash can even get a bit racy (mature!).

Nispel should be a good fit for the adaptation. I recently saw Conan on Blu-Ray, and while the plot overall wasn’t all that terrific, the bloody battle scenes and sword wielding were definitely over the top, just what Hack/Slash requires.

Source: THR