Review: Comic Book Men: Season 1: Episode 3: Commercial


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:756:]]We’re back for episode 3, hoping that this show turns the corner.

Two episodes in, I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been pulled off the air. But we’re comic book fans! If we can put up with five dollar comics, endless variant covers and CGC grading ruining the hobby we love – we can keep watching this can’t we! What else was there to watch this Sunday anyway.

Once again we start with nerd banter and the podcast opening with the geek question of the week. Back to the shop with the guys buying some lady’s collection of books, and Walt’s quote of the week “not everybody can be into something as cool as comics.” Well, dammit Walt, SHOW US WHY!!! We pick things up with the guys creating the stash’s first commercial — begin brainstorming — none of them can even answer the questions of “what are the kids into these days”…well that kinda sums things up. The director chosen for the commercial is none other than Bryan Johnson (Sidebar:  If you haven’t seen the movie Vulgar, go check it out and you’ll understand why this is a complete waste of talent). Then to the Stash for another customer looking to sell a collection, then back to creating the commercial, “Crazy Eddie Style.” Enter a chick with a Mega-Mohawk trying to sell her Megatron statue. Walt gets hypnotized by her seizure inducing hair and pays too much. Back to the commercial and back to humiliating poor Ming. Cut to another faux Pawn Stars segment, more commercial creation and podcast banter. And then in walks the high point of the show, a customer with an incredible collection of comics. The collection actually includes All-Star Comics #8, the first appearance of Wonder Woman, Detective Comics #38, the first appearance of Robin, among other fine gems worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The guys give him great advice to leave and go directly to an auction house. We’re treated to the final cut of the commercial and the episode wraps up…better than the first, lower than the second.

At the end of the day, what I really wanted from this show was it to simply capture the atmosphere of every Wednesday, at every comic shop across the nation, where comic book fans come together to pick up the latest issues of the stories they love. Working a local shop back in my 20’s, it was real reality TV. It was always a great sight to see businessmen, kids, parents, Doctors, Drop outs, all coming together, putting their differences aside and talking up the hobby they love. Maybe even visits from a couple comics creators or a great sit down interview by Kevin, like he did with with Stan the Man in Mutants Monsters & Marvels; somewhere in the multiverse that version of the show is happening.

This past week I also checked out the show’s companion podcast. Compared to the rest of the S.I.R. podcast network, this overly scripted 30 minutes is the absolute worst. It has no business being on the same network where Mewes and Smith recapped Jay’s rock bottom drug days for months, and Kevin wrapping that chapter up by letting Jay know, all while holding back tears, that the podcast (“Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”) was done out of love, true friendship and public accountability to keep him sober.  

Kevin, if you’re really Galactus as your depicted in the show’s opening – please devour this show and start over, because this 60 minutes of dog feces while the guys create “30 seconds of dog feces” isn’t working. I’ll keep watching and writing Cosmic Book readers so you don’t have to. And if your only tuning in to this show to catch the The Walking Dead previews, your time is better spent checking out The Doc’s latest article you poor sheep, and let him shepard you away to greener pastures.