Coldmoon and Dragonfire Were Only Used Because They Are Chinese and for Marvel Heroes MMO



Remember last year’s Point One that Marvel had to give away? They said it’s the biggest issue ever, the issue that will change everything, the issue that shows the future?!

Well in that issue featured two new characters, Coldmoon and Dragonfire, with a story written by Fred Van Lente, but we haven’t seen a sign of them in 2012 since.

So where the heck are they?

Fred Van Lente who is currently involved with a bunch of different comic book publishers answered some fans’ questions on Reedit, one of which was regarding Point One‘s Coldmoon and Dragonfire.

Glad you dug CM & DF. I don’t remember if this is supposed to be a secret or not, but they were created primarily for the Marvel Heroes MMORPG … boost Chinese heroes for that market. So if they’re going to appear next, I imagine it would be there.

So I guess what we are hearing is that Marvel’s “big” Point One had nothing much to do with comics, but Marvel’s other forms of media.

Makes sense, as the new Kid Nova first appeared there and didn’t see much action in 2012 — except for in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Another interesting thing that Fred mentioned was the Chinese factor, we already know that the Chinese are involved with Iron Man 3 and might be the possible reason why the Mandarin is not Chinese, as the Chinese communist government wouldn’t sign off if they looked like the bad guy — but maybe Marvel just wanted to include some Street Fighter characters, eh?

At 6 bucks a pop for Point One, anybody else feel taken?

Regarding Marvel Heroes, it’s Marvel’s new upcoming free-to-play MMO, written by Brian Michael Bendis.