Civil War Comes To Avengers Academy App


civil war comes to avengers academy Civil War Comes To Avengers Academy App


Captain America and Iron Man Choose Teams in Brand New Update for TinyCo’s Smash Hit Mobile Game


Coinciding with the upcoming theatrical release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, in theaters May 6, TinyCo and Marvel have announced a brand new limited time in-game event for their highly successful MARVEL Avengers Academy mobile game, rolling out fresh new “Civil War” in-game content available now. MARVEL Avengers Academy is available to download for free on the App Store® and Google Play™.

Following MARVEL Avengers Academy’s Guardians of the Galaxy update last month, the Avengers Academy finds itself in a vulnerable state as the threat of incoming enemies heightens the need for campus safety. Captain America and Iron Man take leadership as the two opposing pillars with vastly different opinions on how to best defend the Avengers Academy, albeit this isn’t merely a campus election at stake – lives are on the line!

Captain America, ever responsible and traditional in his methods, is determined to set up a training facility in order to better train the students. Meanwhile, Iron Man, the self-proclaimed genius with a supply of everlasting ego and charm, believes in building an army of robots to protect Avengers Academy.

These two very different takes on solving the same dilemma force students to choose teams: Captain America vs Iron Man. Lines will be divided between former friends as teams are recruited. Each week, players will unlock a new piece of the Civil War story and different quests and prizes will be available depending on the Super Hero players choose. Foes who were once friends will battle it out in combat and in school-wide activities, such as arm-wrestling, aimed to test students at their very best skills. Who will receive a passing score and be most prepared when Hydra and their band of misfit Super Villains pay a menacing visit on-campus all leading up to one final showdown?

New students enrolling in this brand new update for MARVEL Avengers Academy include Captain America’s long-lost friend, Bucky Barnes, aka the dangerous Winter Soldier, who isn’t quite looking to fondly reminisce about the old times. This update also sees the long-awaited introduction of Black Panther, donning a slick outfit, incredible moves, and a mysterious agenda that may just change the Academy forever.

School will officially be out of session if Hydra takes over and it’s up to the players to save it!

MARVEL Avengers Academy is available to download for free on the App Store® and Google Play™. For more information on TinyCo, please visit: Visit MARVEL Avengers Academy’s page or follow them @AvengersAcademy on Twitter.

avengers academy civil war Civil War Comes To Avengers Academy App