Christian Bale Urged To Visit The Dark Knight Rises Shooting Victims



Yesterday saw a tragic event occur during the Aurora, Colorado premiere of The Dark Knight Rises when a lone gunman entered the movie theater, threw a gas canister, and open fired.

24-year-old James Holmes was apprehended wearing body armor, carrying numerous weapons, had his hair painted red, and referred to himself as The Joker.

12 people died with 38 more injured.

As the events unfolded, various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were actively used by friends, families, concerned loved ones and people from all over the world.

Video can be found on YouTube of the police responding, and comments from survivors can be found on both Twitter and Facebook.

Now the internet is coming together to ask that Christian Bale visit the survivors of the Aurora, Colorado Massacre.

Facebook pages, videos and petitions are already up and running (via Mashable).