Captain America: First Avenger Movie: Cosmic Cube (Tesseract)



Check out a first look at the Cosmic Cube from the upcoming Captain America: First Avenger movie courtesy Superheryhype!

Apparently, a user on their forum found this from the print version of SFX Magazine.

Nice find! (The cube in the movie is actually being referred to as a “Tesseract.”)

That is actor Huge Weaving portraying the Red Skull holding the Cube! The cube holds immense power – and can actually grant wishes with extra-dimensional reality-altering energies.

Updated: Here is an image of the Red Skull from the Captain America: First Avenger: Superbowl XLV Trailer.

Captain America: First Avenger opens in theaters July 22nd, 2011 starring Chris Evans as Captain America!

Here are more pics from the magazine via Suerherohype:

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