Capcom Street Fighter 5 in 2012?


picLet’s see if I can keep up with all the recent Capcom and Street Fighter news – because there has been a lot — and it doesn’t look to stop!

In addition to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Figher IV 3DS, the recently announced Evil Ryu for the Japanese Street Fighter Arcade Edition – and the announcement of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD, there is rumor of Capcom releasing Street Fighter 5 in 2012.

PaulGaleNetwork spoke with Capcom on what they have in store for the upcoming E3, and the gaming studio teased that we may be seeing a Street Fighter 5 next year – as it is Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary. To boot, they mentioned that it is also Mega Man’s 20th, – and that we are, reportedly, getting a Mega Man Legends 3 game because of that and also fan demand.

“Street Fighter is as important as Mega Man and they’re both turning 25,” stated Capcom.

The Street Fighter Anniversary collection was released on Street Fighter’s 15th anniversary with Street Fighter IV on the 20th, so it’s a good bet that we are getting another Street Fighter “something.” Whether its “V” or “something” else, remains to be seen.

Speaking of fan demand, gamers are currently trying to get another Dark Stalkers game, with Capcom saying they need 500,000 signatures. PGN notes that Capcom does state that anything is possible and points to Mega Man Legends 3 as reason enough (again, however, it is Mega Man’s 20th anniversary).

Also, look for a huge Devil May Cry prescence at the upcoming E3, PGN states.

The E3 Expo hits June 7-9, 2011 at the Los Angeles, Convention Center.