Bryan Hitch To Image Comics With Jonathan Ross on ‘America’s Got Powers’



With Bryan Hitch announcing that his ten year tenure at Marvel was over, thoughts were the superstar artist was going to either DC Comics or Mark Millar’s Millarworld.

While that still could turn out to come true, for now Hitch is coming out with a new book, America’s Got Powers, from Image Comics with Jonathan Ross.

The comic is described as (Via Bleeding Cool):

Tells the story of Tommy, a San Franciscan teenager who works selling merchandise at the stadium that hosts America’s Got Powers, a TV reality show that recruits new members for America’s number one superhero team.
Tommy was one of the many San Franciscan children born at the same time eighteen years ago, all with super powers – all that is, except for Tommy. Who now finds himself working, watching all his peers in action.
But somehow, this season, he finds himself finds himself successfully entering the show – powerless.
Ross has previously worked on Turf, also from Image Comics, in addition to appearing on many BBC television shows in various roles.
America’s Got Powers will be released Spring 2012; look for more info to hit tomorrow.