Bryan Hitch Bids Marvel Adieu; Going To Millarworld?


bryan hitch ultimatesUtimates artist Bryan Hitch, who has been teasing something big on Twitter with a 31 day countdown, announced on day 26 that his days at Marvel are over.

“In two days time, an amazing decade at Marvel closes for me. What a wonderful time to have joined the party. Very proud and honoured.”

Look’s like Hitch’s last work for Marvel will be pages on the upcoming Ultron War, with Brian Michael Bendis on as writer.

Hitch’s big announcement is due on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012. But just what could it be?

Thoughts are, Hitch is going to DC Comics — maybe to work with Grant Morrison, or Hitch might be headed to Mark Millar’s creator-owned line, Millarworld.

In the most recent issue of Kick-Ass 2 #6, which was released this week, Millar offered up the following:

“Is the Big Two about to become the Big Three?”

Millar stated big things are on the horizon for Millarworld, with the launch of books from top named creators including: Leinil Francis Yu, Dave Gibbons, Matthew Vaughn, John Romita Jr., Steve McNiven and Frank Quitely. We actually posted an article on that earlier yesterday.

Throw Hitch’s name into the mix and Millar might be on to something, at least on to the beginnings of something.