Brubaker Thrilled With Captain America 2 & Comments On New Batman TV Series



Comic Book scribe Ed Brubaker, who will be getting a credit on Captain America 2 as it’s in part based on his Winter Soldier comic book, commented on the movie as well as the possibility of a new Batman TV series.

Speaking with USA Today, Brubaker mentions how his famous uncle was involved with screenwriting in the past and how television has been producing some really great shows when mention is made of a possible Gotham Central TV series. Brubaker wrote Gotham Central for DC Comics, which didn’t feature much Batman, but focused on the Gotham police department.

The book is actually more popular now than when we were doing it. There’s been talk of Gotham Central on TV since when we were doing the comic even (in the mid-2000s). Everyone at Warner Bros. really loved it. Chris Nolan after they did Birds of Prey had asked them to just please not do any Batman-related stuff until he was done with his trilogy — looking at Birds of Prey, you can see why. It was not the world’s greatest pilot.

Every season, I wait to see if they’re going to announce something like that, and just a couple of months ago there was some article in the Hollywood Reporter about them supposedly developing it. I haven’t heard any confirmation on it or anything. You can easily see it.

Interestingly enough, this season of Arrow has a heavy Batman vibe to it as the League Of Assassins are the main villains.

Brubaker also talks about how he is excited for Captain America 2, and even read the script.

I read the script and I was really blown away by it. The tone of it and the Bucky stuff is so perfect and the way I’d want it to be, I was so thrilled to see that. But to me the biggest thing, too, is it’s the first time Marvel has put out a movie where there’s a specific book the title of the movie relates to. And now they’re doing that with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hits April 4, 2014 directed by the Russo Bros. and starring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.




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