Brian Michael Bendis On Guardians Of The Galaxy Summer 2012?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:273:]]Seeing how the new year is almost upon us, how about prediction time!

My “big” prediction for 2012 is that Brian Michael Bendis will be on a new Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, based on the following:

• There is going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

•  At the recent NYCC, I was coyly asked, “Would Marvel not have a Guardians of the Galaxy comic if a movie was coming out?”

•  Tom Brevoort stated a new Guardians of the Galaxy comic would come out around the Summer of 2012.

•  Brian Michael Bendis’ run on both Avengers comics finishes up Summer 2012.

•  Axel Alonso recently stated, “As for Brian, if you’re a fan of his work, you won’t believe what he’ll be writing next for us. My lips are sealed.”

•  The Avengers movie may have a reference to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

•  Disney recently moved up a release date for an as-of-yet unnamed Marvel Studios project to April 2014.

Fact is, with Disney launching a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel is going to need to place one of their big guns on the comic book so that it sells relatively well. And with Bendis, comes the full Marvel hype machine — something DnA’s Guardians lacked — including an A-list artist and money for promotion. While arguably, DnA’s Guardians was by far better than anything Marvel was putting out at the time, for some reason or another, the head honchos just didn’t back it 100%. That all changes with Bendis.

gotg1 val Fans either seem to love Bendis or hate ‘im. But there is no denying that Bendis brings with him a guaranteed audience – especially when Marvel attaches a top name artist. And let’s be honest Marvel Cosmic fans, we’re not going to believe this until we see it!

Regarding The Avengers movie, as stated above we could see reference to the Guardians of the Galaxy as there is a heavy cosmic vibe to it (of course, in addition to the upcoming GoTG movie would make sense). Furthermore, The Avengers comes out in May 2012, Bendis ends his Avengers run the Summer of 2012 – could Bendis end his Avengers run with a lead in to the new Guardians of the Galaxy

The close #2 choice right behind Bendis would have to be Jeph Loeb. Back in January of 2012, we were told he was to helm a new era of Marvel Cosmic (hence Nova and GoTG being placed on “hiatus”); however, I’m thinking Loeb is going to be on the new Nova based on Loeb and McGuinness’ prior involvement with Point One.

Now regarding just who the A-list artist might be that is paired with Bendis on the new Guardians of the Galaxy – how about Andy Kubert?

And I’ll leave the debate over which Guardians team up to you guys! All new? Whaaat?!

My choice to take over for Bendis on The Avengers?

Rick Remender!