Brew’s Crew: Warlock of the All-New X-Factor



Selffriend Warlock is back!

Yep, that great cybernetic alien mutant from New Mutants, created by X-scribe Chris Claremont and the odd-but-addictive art of Bill Sienkiewicz (who else?), will soon be winging his way to you (along with selffriend Doug Ramsey) in Peter David’s All-New X-Factor.

Warlock is a member of the alien Technarchy, a race of mechanical organisms that survive by infecting living creatures with the “techno-organic” transmode virus before draining the life energy (“lifeglow”) of the infected organism. Warlock, unlike others of his race, possesses a distinctive degree of compassion, and as a result was dubbed a mutant in spirit. (It was later discovered that he is in fact a mutant of his race, even though he has yet to display any abilities beyond those natural to the Technarch.)

He is the son of the Technarch ruler, Magus, who has battled the New Mutants, and apparently will be returning as well in PAD’s X-Factor. Warlock served as a member of the original New Mutants for much of that group’s existence, and became the best friend of his teammate Doug Ramsey.

Because of Warlock’s compassion, he refuses to drain other sentient creatures of their “lifeglow.” Because of the difficulty in determining whether or not a creature is sentient, New Mutants leader Danielle Moonstar ordered him not to drain any large creatures without her permission; however, Warlock often drained such creatures at his discretion when she was not present. (Selfhunger!)

During many adventures, Warlock would team up with Doug, keeping him safe. Though the two often worked together to confront enemies, Warlock’s constant protection only served to lessen Doug’s self-esteem. (The two have even joined together to become the gestalt creature Douglock, but that is a whole ‘nother can of worms.)

Warlock’s shape-shifting abilities led him into a confrontation with the FF’s old friend, the Impossible Man. This soon snowballed into an Earth-threatening incident as both entities tried to outdo each other. This only ended when Warlock showcased his ability to change color, something which the Impossible Man could not do. (Who knew?)

At one point, Doug’s “death” at the hands of the Ani-Mator devastated Warlock, leading him to go so far as to steal Doug’s body. With the help of the rest of the New Mutants, he came to terms with Doug’s death (and returned the body to its rightful place).

During the crisis known as Inferno, Warlock’s shape-shifting skills became vital in neutralizing the demonic threats.

Warlock was kidnapped from the grounds of the X-Mansion, along with his friends Rictor, Boom Boom, and Wolfsbane, and ended up on the island nation of Genosha, which was ruled by Cameron Hodge (poor Genoshians: Hodge or Magneto?). Warlock was killed in an attempt by Hodge to steal his powers. The news of his death was broadcast worldwide, a public relations disaster for Genosha, since the world believed Warlock to be a “normal” human mutant. Wolfsbane, who due to her own problems decided to stay on the island, asked Boom Boom to put Warlock’s ashes on Doug’s grave.

Both Warlock and his pal Doug have met their maker several times.

Warlock returns (again) to the good fight only to find that resurrected members of once-deceased Hellions (who hasn’t been killed in the X-corner of the Marvel U?) have arrived and have captured Doug. The Hellions attempt to reprogram Doug by “deleting” the memories of his old self so that he may once again become Selene’s obedient pawn. Warlock, along with the help of the other New Mutants, rescues Doug and defeats the Hellions.

How will selffriends Warlock and Douglock … er, Doug Ramsey work with the kinda mad Lorna? Find out Wednesday in All-New X-Factor!