Bob Orci In Talks With CBS For Star Trek TV Series



Star Trek could be coming back to TV as it’s become known that a meeting was held with CBS about a potential new series.

Though director J.J. Abrams recently stated CBS wasn’t interested in a Star Trek TV series, that now seems not to be the case as Bob Orci has told a journalist that a meeting took place.

Sky News Entertainment reporter, Joe Michalczuk, let it be known on Twitter that “Bob Orci just told me they’ve had a meeting with CBS to revive Star Trek on TV…This made me v[ery] excited.”

Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller have also been said to be involved in a new Star Trek TV series, but it’s unclear if Orci’s meeting is one and the same or for a different pitch altogether.

With talk of a new Star Trek TV series, it seems likely that Abrams is indeed off another Star Trek film as the director put everything on hold for the movies.

CBS seems to be going forward with more science-fiction oriented series as Stephen King’s Under The Dome premiered this year and Steven Spielberg’s Extant has been green lit starring Halle Berry.