Black Panther Or Heroes For Hire/Luke Cage Could Be Announced At Comic-Con Saturday



There already is a large presence at Comic-Con by Marvel Studios with their displays for Captain America 2 and Thor 2.

Both movies are part of the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at Comic-Con Saturday.

It’s also recently been confirmed that a Guardians of the Galaxy movie preview will be featured.

Now it’s possible that Kevin Feige may also announce a slate of new movies.

Disney recently announced untitled release dates for a batch of new Marvel Studios movies.

It’s thought the Doctor Strange movie might be one of them, but what else?

Well, a clue was made known today at the Marvel Comics My Cop O’ Joe Panel at Comic-Con.


CinemaBlend points out that a fan in attendance asked Joe Quesada if there would be any Marvel minorities hitting the big screen.

Quesada replied simply with, “It will happen.”

The top two Marvel Comics minority characters that have been making the rounds online as of late are Black Panther as well as Luke Cage.

Many actors have recently stated they want to play the characters, including Dwayne Johnson, which could mean Marvel Studios is actively seeking actors for the parts.

It’s also previously been said that a Heroes For Hire movie with Luke Cage and Iron Fist is being looked at.

Perhaps we’ll get both. Tune in tomorrow to find out.