Bill Rosemann Brings Back Darkhawk and Cammi In “Avengers Arena”; But For How Long?!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3061:]]Remember the “Survive” Marvel NOW! Teaser that featured Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker?

Well, Marvel revealed what it really is about. 

And it sounds pretty wild!

The new title is dubbed “Avengers Arena,” and it sees 16 young heroes – including Darkhawk and Cammi – battling it out against each other on Murderworld run by the villain Arcade.

It’s kill or be killed!

Former Marvel Cosmic editor Bill Rosemann is behind the book — which probably explains the inclusion of Darkhawk and Cammi. So thank you, Bill!

Not only are Darkhawk and Cammi present, but so are the students from Avengers Academy and Runways in addition to new characters.

Last we saw of Darkhawk was in Nova #36, I believe, when Evil Darth Quasar knocked him out giving him a concussion. Regarding Cammi, last time for her might have been Annihilation with fans wondering whatever became of the former sidekick of Drax The Destroyer.

“After his last appearances in War of Kings and NOVA, Darkhawk soars again!” Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann told “Staying with sci-fi, just wait until you see what Dennis and Kev have planned for Annihilation’s Cammi, baddest girl in all the galaxy.”

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3062:]]Rosemann goes on to compare the new series to the popular novels and movies, Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games, but with a “Marvel twist.”

“AVENGERS ARENA gives a high concept itch a superhuman scratch. Throughout history, societies have sent their young adults against one another in competition, whether that’s in war, sports or “American Idol.” Likewise, art has examined this phenomenon of the older generation sacrificing the younger generation and also of young warring gangs wanting to prove who’s #1 in everything from the myth of Theseus vs. the Minotaur to “Lord of the Flies” to “Battle Royale” to “Starship Troopers” to “Survivor” to “Hunger Games.” Teen vs. teen competition is as old as storytelling — but now it’s time to give it the Marvel twist,” Rosemann said.

Writer Dennis Hopeless states there will be “a lot of murder in this new Murder World” — and we can’t help but wonder if it Marvel will continue their course of killing off cosmic characters.

I think fans of Darkhawk know that he would pretty much be able to take any of these guys out. 


Avengers Arena #1 hits in December.