Beware The Batman Episode 6, DC Nation, Teen Titans Go! Preview Clips & Images


WB sent over a batch of previews and images for the next episodes of Beware The Batman, DC Nation and Teen Titans Go!

Check them out below.

Beware The Batman


New Episode

Airs Saturday, August 17

10:00 A.M. on Cartoon Network

Responding to a break-in at Stagg Industries, Batman rescues a security guard named Rex Mason (ADAM BALDWIN) who had been exposed to a weaponized toxic gas called Project Metamorpho.  Soon, Rex begins to mutate, with the ability to control the elements in his own body.  Terrified and unable to control his new abilities, Rex becomes a fugitive.  Realizing that this metamorphosis is slowly killing Rex, Batman sets out to find a cure.  But Rex is only concerned about the woman he loves – Sapphire Stagg (EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI) – and he’d risk all of Gotham to be with her.  But her father – Simon Stagg (JEFF BENNETT)  – holds secrets of his own and will do anything to keep them apart.







New Animated Shorts

Airing Saturday, August 17

10:00 a.m. ET/PT On Cartoon Network

“Super Pets – World’s Finest Bark”



New Episode

Airs Tuesday, August 20

7:30 P.M. on Cartoon Network

Beast Boy thinks the villainess Terra is his new girlfriend, but she is just using him to gain access to all of the Titans’ secrets. Only Raven suspects Terra, but the others just think that Raven is jealous.




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