Benedict Cumberbatch Now Rumored For Sith Lord In Star Wars: Episode VII; To Be Used Throughout New Trilogy



Earlier, a rumor hit the net about Benedict Cumberbatch being cast for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Now another rumor has been added on top of that with it said that Benedict Cumberbatch is up for a Sith Lord in Star Wars; that it is a major role, and one which will continue throughout the new trilogy.

The latest comes from BadAssDigest who previously stated J.J. Abrams was thinking of leaving the Star Wars franchise, and that Episode VII will have a December 2015 release date.

Benedict Cumberbatch playing a Sith Lord seems to be an obvious choice as the actor played the villain role for J.J. Abrams in Star Trek Into Darkness; however, if true, there’s still a 50-50 chance Cumberbatch could play a Jedi Knight.

Benedict Cumberbatch has to to be confirmed by Disney, so per the norm, we’ll have to play the waiting game.

Star Wars: Episode VII has a 2015 release

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