Bendis Says Tony Stark Will Be At The Front Of Guardians of the Galaxy; Jean Grey More Interesting Than Silver Surfer


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“For people who miss me on Avengers already, it’s only been a few weeks, but for those who do, you can really look at this as the ‘Cosmic Avengers,’ with Tony Stark right there in front,” Brian Michael Bendis told Newsarama.

And there we have it.

Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy was first announced by Brian Michael Bendis with Iron Man attached it’s been thought and said that the Guardians would play second fiddle to Tony Stark.

Bendis in his latest interview about the Guardians doesn’t talk about one of the members, only Iron Man.

Then he is asked about other cosmic characters appearing with mention that they will be going right into Jean Grey first, but the Surfer will evenutally appear, as Jean is more interesting.

“It’s going to be fun when Silver Surfer comes by, but you’d expect Silver Surfer to come by,” he said. “But I think it’s much more interesting [to see] what the cosmic reaction is to, ‘Oh, Jean Grey’s alive? Well, we have something we’d like to talk about with her.’ Jean Grey is not the most beloved entity in all of the cosmos. Whatever space video is, we have footage of her eating a bunch of broccoli people. So we will be dealing with that immediately.”

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