Bendis Not Leaving Marvel Comics; Big Plans For Ultimate Spider-Man


brian michael bendis With the recent news that Brian Michael Bendis will be leaving both Avengers and New Avengers around the Summer of 2012, all sorts of speculation has been hitting the net.

Bendis clarified what’s going down and offered a tease as to what’s to come:

Thanks for the kind words about my Avengers departure, but my last issue of Avengers is so far away from today you, guys are gonna be, ‘Wait, i thought he was leaving.’ Have no fear, I’m leaving in a while, but i’m leaving big!

I am not leaving comics and I am not leaving Marvel. Just signed a new contract a few months ago. I love you guys for caring.

I could not possibly thank all of you for your nice Avengers words today. You are all so damn cool. We’re not even close to done though.

With Avengers sometimes double shipping, and a couple of surprise issues here and there AND AVX before i go, there’s plenty more to be happy and angry about in equal measure [smiles].

And not only am I NOT leaving Marvel and USM, but when you see the big announcement for USM you with metaphorically and maybe actually poop your pants. #nopeterressurection