Ben Affleck’s “Runner, Runner” Bombs At The Box Office; Gravity Takes Top Spot



Ben Affleck’s new movie also starring Justin Timberlake, Runner, Runner, under performed at the box office on Friday bringing in only $2.8 million, which sets up the movie to have an $8 million weekend gross, well under the 10-12 mil Fox was hoping for.

Affleck, who will be paired up with Henry Cavill in Batman Vs. Superman, stars in Runner, Runner as a gambling tycoon with Justin Timberlake a college student who things he’s been swindled.

The big news this weekend is that Alfonso Cuarón’s science-fiction thriller starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, Gravity, is doing better than expected. Friday saw Gravity bring in $17.5 million leading to an estimated $47 million weekend gross, which is above the initial $40 mil predicted. This also puts Gravity within the top five October openings on record (via Variety).

Cosmic Book News movie reviewer Lawrence Napoli had good things to say about Gravity as well with: “You probably won’t see a prettier movie all year. Regretting not seeing it in IMAX 3D. It takes a mundane idea and turns it into more. Not best picture worthy, but best effects and sound; you betcha.”

Look for Lawrence’s full review up later on CBN.