Ben Affleck Was Never Asked To Direct The Justice League Movie



While we already know that Ben Affleck is not going to direct the Justice League movie, it actually turns out that he was never asked.

That’s according to Affleck who attended the Toronto Film Festival promoting his new movie, Argo, reports

Ben Affleck previously stated the Justice League movie sounded like something really exciting to do, but said he is not working on it, and now we have the actor stating Warner Bros. never even offered. He chalked the rumor up to entertainment websites needing to fill pages.

So if Affleck was never asked, that also must mean he never read the Will Beall Justice League movie script, as was also previously reported.

Ben Affleck was named to be in contention to direct the Justice League movie a month ago, with it then being said that it was “BS.” 

Seems that’s the case.

The current rumored directors for the Justice League movie include the Wachowski’s, with Warner Bros. stating they love their Cloud Atlas, and the most recent being Brett Ratner.