‘Ben 10’ Movie by Joel Silver On The Way


pic What? Weren’t the live action Ben 10 movies on the Cartoon Network any good?

Well, I can at least say they weren’t.

Variety reports that Joel Silver has signed on to develop a live-action Ben 10 film, possibly from Warner Bros.

Apparently, Silver wants this to be the start of a franchise, and it sounds like he wants some big names attached.

Steve Richards, of Dark Castle, will be on as producer and says that the movie will have an all new cast.

“We really see this as a large, big-budgeted tentpole movie,” Richards said.

It’s noted Silver and Dark Castle are currently seeking writers, but seeing how this comes from the producer of Speed Racer, my hopes aren’t too high.

Ben 10 is on Cartoon Network, and sees Ben Tennyson acquire the alien device, the Omnitrix, that holds alien DnA. With the push of the watch-like button, Tennyson transforms into any number of alien super heroes. Initally, it was only ten aliens, but the series has progressed into Ben’s teen years, further giving him access to all sorts of different creatures, I believe. My son was really into the first show (Ben 10) and toys, but once it moved on (Ben 10: Alien Force) so did he. Can’t say I blame him, as I felt the first show to be better, as well.

Ben 10 was actually created by a team of comic book writers including the late Dwayne McDuffie and also “Man of Action,” which consisted of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle. Glen Murakami is also listed as a creator, who worked on various DC animated movies. 

It was quite obvious watching the show seeing the influences of various comic book characters and stories. While watching the show, I noticed certain storylines and powers seemed familiar, but at the time, didn’t know who was involved. Now it all makes sense!

The cartoon is pretty good, and I always thought, had loads of potential. At one point Ben is even called – “Ben 10,000.” Just think of the number of toys to be sold!