Batman Reboot and Justice League Movie Rumored For 2015; Could Be Announced At Comic-Con



Fans are expecting some big news at this week’s Comic-Con from Warner Bros., and we may have actually got it early.

It’s being reported by AICN that the Batman reboot and Justice League movie look to be on the slate for 2015.

According to their report, they received a corporate document from a company that works very closely with movie studios and it shows plans through the year 2015.

Among those plans includes the Justice League movie listed and Batman for 2015.

It’s also stated that Ant-Man is on the list as well as a new movie for Trolls.

Curiously, there is no mention of a Man of Steel 2.

From recent interviews it seems both Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill have been pushing for a Man of Steel sequel before any other DC Movie. Now it could be that the document is old or an earlier draft of some sort.

Regardless, we can look at this as good news and most likely we’ll definitely be getting an announcement this weekend out of Comic-Con.