Axel Alonso Talks The Guardians of the Galaxy: Maybe Not A New Series


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1042:]]Marvel EIC Axel Alonso mentions the Guardians of the Galaxy in his latest QnA over at CBR.

We’ve heard rumblings of the return of the GoTG at last year’s NYCC as well as the recent WonderCon.

Apparently we may not be getting a new series after all.

And finally, Sv7nd asks: “Can you please give some new information and/or artwork for the new Guardians of the Galaxy series that Tom Brevoort mentioned at NYCC. Also you only need 12 more issues and you can renumber it #100!!!”
Alonso: “Guardians of the Galaxy” series? All Tom said was that we had plans for the Guardians down the line, not that we were doing a new series. We’re not ready to show anything yet, but when we do, it will blow your mind.
I was at the NYCC when Tom answered my question on Guardians of the Galaxy. I know he said Summer 2012 or after, somewhere around there. We do have the video, so I’ll have to check to see what was exactly stated, but from my perspective it did sound like a series (wishful thinking?).
But from what Alonso seems to be saying, there may not be a “Guardians of the Galaxy” book.
However, I was teased by their PR guy that if Marvel was doing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, would they not be doing something with them.
So, who knows, they could be just appearing in an arc of The Avengers or something. 
Sorta disappointing news, but could be Alonso not wanting to play all his cards right away.