Axel Alonso Admits Jeph Loeb Responsible For Marvel Cosmic Reboot


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4826:]]As Cosmic Book News has been telling you for some time, previous to the cancelation of DnA’s Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, it became known that Jeph Loeb was to take over Marvel Cosmic, with the initial plan to move the books from Tom Brevoort to then editor Axel Alonso’s control.

We can assume that with Alonso’s promotion to Marvel EIC that the new books went over to editor Stephen Wacker.

And we also know that Bendis was ordered to do the Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

Now, Axel Alonso lets it be known in his latest column over at CBR that it was Jeph Loeb who came up with the plans to reboot (as I consider it) Marvel Cosmic, well in advance of Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy plans.

This also tells us that Loeb mentioning he pitched the new Nova series to Wacker in a previous interview — is utter nonsense.

Loeb has also publicly placed the blame on DnA’s “decision” to kill off Richard Rider as the reason he can do a new Nova — more nonsense.

Once again we also hear how Loeb loves the character of Nova and what came before, obviously an attempt to calm Richard Rider Nova fans and quell their fears into purchasing the new NINO (Nova In Name Only) Nova.

Both Bendis and McNiven have stated controversial things in interviews as well, most notably with McNiven insulting Marko Djurdjevic’s Guardians of the Galaxy designs.

There is also editor Stephen Wacker’s questionable behavior toward Nova fans on message boards.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4827:]]Here’s the excerpt from CBR:

With Nova, the Rich Rider version of the character has a very loyal and very vocal fan base. In his interviews on the book Jeph Loeb has been working hard to tell people how they’re being respectful of what’s come before. How do you view that kind of challenge with a character who’s never had huge sales before? Do you relish having to win people over to Sam Alexander’s side?

Alonso: Absolutely. I sincerely think that “Nova” is career-defining work for Jeph. He’s writing this one from the heart, and it shows. Sam Alexander, the whole story, has been percolating for a very long time. Jeph never settled for a “first draft idea” — he workshopped his ideas, slept on ’em, threw a bunch to the curb — and he’s produced one of the most heartfelt, moving stories we’ve produced since, well, since I’ve been here. It’s probably worth noting that Jeph’s plans for Nova predated our plans for the Guardians, so in a sense, he laid down the first brush-strokes for our overall plan to reinvigorate Marvel’s cosmic characters. When the fans of Rich Rider see what he and [artist] Ed [McGuinness] are doing with “Nova” — see the deep respect they have for the history and legacy of that character and their vision for the universe he inhabits — I have no doubt they’ll embrace Sam. Someone else is wearing the helmet. It’s his responsibility now.

We see from Alonso’s above statement that he attempts to calm the Richard Rider fans as well, but ends up shoving that fact that there is a new Nova right in front of their faces, in essence — “too bad.”

“Someone else is wearing the helmet. It’s his responsibility now.”

I, for one, will not be going near this or BendisGaurdians of the Galaxy.