Avengers Assemble #2: Bendis Goes Cosmic; Is Guardians of the Galaxy Not Far Behind?!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1390:]]Back before the New Year began I put forth that Brian Michael Bendis would be the writer on the new Guardians of the Galaxy series.

With talk of a movie, it makes sense that Marvel will throw one of their big-time architects on a relatively unknown.

While EIC Axel Alonso recently came out and said they never stated a new series would be coming, Tom Brevoort did say to look for more of the Guardians — Summer 2012 or after.

And at last October’s NYCC, the head Marvel PR guy did tease me by asking (paraphrased), “You heard about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, right? Do you think Marvel would not be doing something if there was a movie?”

Anyway, on to the subject matter at hand — Avengers Assemble.

Before the second issue was released this week, Bendis posted a hint as to his future on his Facebook.

Avengers Assemble 2 we get closer to revealing who the big baddie behind zodiac is and what i am writing after Avengers

Well, I didn’t read anything about the X-Men in that issue, which Bendis was rumored to be taking over, but I did read about a heck of a lot of — Cosmic!

The issue actually opens in space with a mysterious voice stating he wants “cosmic, controlled balance,”… “for once and for all time, I want there to be an order to chaos.” 

This enigmatic entity empowers humans with the Zodiac making them on par with the Avengers. Their mission is to gather artifacts that don’t belong on Earth. Of course this leads the Zodiac into a collision with SHIELD — followed by The Avengers.

And one of the artifacts? The Ultimate Nullifier!

It’s actually a really good issue, sans why the Hulk talks like a bozo, but still.

Here are the two opening pages with the mysterious “big baddie.” And interestingly enough in the last panel of page two, we see reference to “guard” and “galaxy,” though not directly related in the context.

Regardless, if Avengers Assemble #2 gets closer to revealing what Bendis is doing next — sure looks like Cosmic.

And there is this tidbit about The Avengers movie (spoiler).

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