The Avengers (2012) Plot Details and Spoilers


picUpdate: Avengers (2012) movie: Tweets From Set Confirm Aliens and more – spoilers

Update: More Avengers Spoilers and Details have surfaced (rumored)

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According to the Latino Review, the big bad guy the Avengers will be facing in the Joss Whedon directed film of the same name will be, who has been rumored — Loki.

Apparently, Loki gets his hands on the Tesseract, or as us comic readers know it by – the cosmic cube.

According to sources, Loki uses this to summon the alien race known as the Skrulls to attack earth.

What about the Hulk?

We do know the Avengers are said to battle among themselves, and Marvel Studios President and producer Kevin Feige said the following in regards to The Avengers:

“In my opinion, The Skrulls are really the only viable threat that would require so many super heroes to fight as a team. Sure, you could have The Hulk as a villain in the beginning, but then they have to come together for an even bigger threat. Something hinted about in IM2, Thor and Cap by Nick Fury’s presence. Plus Fox doesn’t have the rights to The Skrulls, only the Super Skrull. But this is just my inner geek thinking out loud and hoping.”


What I think happens, and spoilers for Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, follows. Assuming any of the above to be true:

Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk at the beginning and is uncontrollable. The Avengers are summoned to handle this threat. Eventually, the Green Goliath is subdued with the Hulk transforming back to Banner.


The Tesseract plays a part in all three movies as we already know from the images of the Red Skull, it appears in Captain America: First Avenger. According to the Thor script spoilers, the Tesseract appears in the movie inside Asgard’s treasure chamber.

Loki wants to rule Asgard – and obviously gets defeated in the upcoming Thor movie. So he wants revenge and of course, at the same time, still wants Asgard. Loki acquires the Tesseract summoning the advanced shape-shifting alien race known as The Skrulls. He wants his brother destroyed, as well as Midgard (Earth); note: but not Asgard.

Well, something goes wrong and Loki no longer has control over the Skrulls. Perhaps, the Tesseract loses its power, and the Skrulls now decide to invade and take over everything.

This is similar to Loki’s MO in the comics, where he is only thinking of himself and brings forth a great threat that ends up threatening that which he loves – Asgard.

Of course, the Avengers assemble – with the Hulk – to take down this threat.


Actually, Kevin Feige was involved in an animated Marvel movie “Hulk Vs.” where Loki brought Banner to Asgard, separated Banner from the Hulk – and then unleashed the Hulk upon Asgard. Loki thought he could control the Hulk with his magic, but couldn’t tame the beast. When Loki realizes just what he has done, he ends up teaming with his brother to stop the Hulk.

Sounds similar.

I guess, we’ll have to stay tuned as we are still a year or so away!

The Avengers is set to assemble in theaters May 4th 2012 starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson.