The Avengers (2012): Joss Whedon Likes 3D; Do You?


the avengersEarlier we reported that Disney has officially changed the The Avengers to The Avengers 3D.

Now director Joss Whedon has publicly commented on the recent news that the movie will see conversion to 3D post production.

First of all, Whedon tells JoBlo that The Avengers seems fit for 3D.

“There’s no, ‘Oh look, we’re going to spend 20 minutes going through this tunnel because it’s in 3D!’ And no one is pointing at the screen the entire time. But it’s an action movie. Things tend to hurtle toward the screen anyway.”

Next, Whedon comments that he is a fan. 

“Yeah, it’s fun!…I’m not a big fan of extreme long lens, talky movies – I like to see the space I’m in and relate to it, so 3D kinda fits my aesthetic anyway. And the technology has advanced so far in the past couple years.”

This begs the question: Is 3D any good?

Both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger had 3D releases. I’ll admit after reading the reviews for 3D, I didn’t bother spending the extra money on what seemed a trivial addition to the movie experience. The last 3D movie I saw was the animated, How to Train Your Dragon, and I’ll admit I did enjoy the special effects of 3D. However, for some reason or another 3D live action movies tend to turn me off.

I’m wondering if I should give The Avengers 3D a chance? From the sounds of it we’ll have repulsor rays, the hammer of the gods, hulking debris, quivering arrows — and Loki knows what else — flying in our direction. Could be cool.

Or is it too much?

The Avengers assembles May 4th, 2012 and is directed by Joss Whedon, starring Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

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