The Avengers (2012): Helicarrier and Qunijet Toys Revealed at London Toy Fair


Thanks to the 2012 London Toy Fair we get a look at both the Helicarrier and Quinjet from The Avengers movie.

Previously, we’ve seen some concept art for the Quinjet which looks like the below pic as well.

Now how about some official images?! 


Helicarrier is three feet long, has the usual firing missiles. Looks pretty good but is only big enough for the Quinjet to fit on it’s runway. The Quinjet is pretty big. Only one figure can fit in the cockpit but it has other opening panels and stuff. There were no new Avengers figures apart from what has already been seen.
Hellicarrier: The biggest ever Marvel vehicle of 3ft. Comes with Captain America figure and features 4 firing projectile deck cannons.
Quinjet: The ‘Quin’ nassential Avengers vehicle. This flying fortress can convert to battle mode and take the Avengers into the fight with plenty of firing projectiles and play features – like a sky cycle. Includes a Iron Man figure.
The Justice jet gets an IM style repaint, there’s a new Cap vehicle that looked like a small tank with wheels, the Quinjet and the HELICARRIER! 
Updated with a clearer pic (#3) via Idlehands

The Avengers movie HellicarrierThe Avengers movie Quinjet


The Avengers Movie London Toy Fair

Source: Marvelousnews