The Avengers (2012): Aliens Attack! Details and Images


The videos, earlier, of a series of explosions hitting NYC (Cleveland) in The Avengers movie — were actually as a result of an alien invasion!

For sometime we have been hearing of an extraterrestrial race threatening Earth’s Mightiest, now we know!

However, what is still up in the air is which particular alien race – or races – from the Marvel Universe will be taking on the Assemblers!

Some have said the Kree, the Skrulls – maybe both – and even the Badoon!

Update: Head on over here for a look at just what might be the high-tech alien weaponry!

Here are a couple reports from extras that were on the scene while the filming of the explosions took place:

Today was my first day of work as an extra on the movie, “Avengers”. There was a great deal of sitting around, but it was thrilling during the street scene. We were running and screaming from the invasion of aliens or some force. They also feed you well. There was catered breakfast when we arrived at the Halle Building at 6:30AM, snacks throughout the day, and three choices of meat at 1:00PM.

And another:

Clevelanders were treated to the surreal sight of actors running away from apparently nothing, which will be aliens in the film, after the technical wizards have had their fun. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, was also on set today, on the same faux Manhattan street where the ‘aliens’ attacked with fire bombs later, though he will also be digitally added to the scenes of carnage.

Now for some pics!

pic pic pic pic

Thanks to CBM for the info and images.