Arrow Ratings Up With “Birds of Prey”



Good news for fans of Arrow as the show has seen a ratings spike for two consecutive weeks.

The “Birds of Prey” episode for Arrow saw a jump of about 200,000 viewers from the last episode.

The rise in ratings could be contributed to a couple things with the past two episodes featuring fan-favorite characters (Suicide Squad and Huntress), but perhaps more importantly the episodes aired back-to-back.

Both Arrow and ABC’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. always see a drop in ratings when there is a break between episodes. 

Compare this to The Walking Dead, which is always on schedule, and we might have the reason for the ratings drop for various networks series that see breaks of weeks or even a month between episodes.

Basically it says having a break or two or three between episodes kills the fan excitement and hype for the series (at least in my opinion and own experience).

Hopefully the networks will see the figures and try to adjust by having each episode air in a timely manner.

No. Title   Rating
1 City of Heroes   0.9 2.74        
2 “Identity”   1.1 3.06        
3 “Broken Dolls”   0.9 2.81        
4 “Crucible”   0.8 2.37        
5 “League of Assassins”   1.0 2.80        
6 “Keep Your Enemies Closer”   1.2 3.09        
7 State Vs. Queen”   1.0 2.66        
8 “The Scientist”   1.2 3.24        
9 Three Ghosts   1.1 3.02        
10 “Blast Radius   0.9 2.52        
11 Blind Spot”   0.9 2.49        
12 “Tremors”           1.1          2.95        
13 “Heir To The Demon”           1.0          2.86        
14 “Time of Death”           0.9          2.45        
15 “The Promise”           0.7          2.19        
16 “Suicide Squad”           0.8          2.42        
17 “Birds Of Prey”           0.9          2.62