Armie Hammer Rumored For Justice League Movie Batman



The latest rumor regarding the new Batman to hit the net is that Warner Bros. has Armie Hammer listed as one of their top choices to play the role in the new Justice League movie.

Armie Hammer is no stranger to the role of Batman as he was actually cast for the role in George Miller’s defunct 2007 Justice League movie.

While that Justice League movie never came to be, Hammer went on to star in The Social Network and Mirror, Mirror. The actor has also landed a major role as the titular character in the upcoming Disney movie, The Lone Ranger.

MovieHole cites a reliable source that tells them Armie Hammer is among Warner Bros.’ top choice to be Batman in the Justice League movie; however, they state Hammer might be Batman only in the “Justice League universe” of movies – meaning there would be another actor for a new Batman solo film, which has been said to be coming in 2016.

This is contrary to what are own source said, in that the Man of Steel will be spearheading a DC shared movie universe leading to the Justice League movie and a new Batman 2016 movie. We were also told Jake Gyllenhaal was up for contention as the new Batman in the Justice League movie, with Gyllenhaal previously being writer David Goyer’s top choice for the Christopher Nolan films.

What is interesting is we do see a pattern emerging with Warner Bros. in that they are going back to previous actors associated with the characters to fill the roles. We know that Henry Cavill was up for the role of Superman for Superman Returns, but Cavill also auditioned for the role of Batman as well for Nolan. Speaking of Christopher Nolan, it has been said the reason there hasn’t been a shared movie universe is because the director wanted to keep his Dark Knight Trilogy self-contained, so the above named actors obviously appear to have been kept under Warner Bros. watchful eye for some time.

Regarding two actors playing Batman on the big screen at the same time, I really can’t see that happening. The success of the Marvel Studios films and The Avengers movies have shown that a shared movie universe works. Warner Bros. doesn’t have to go the exact same route as they do not necessarily need to build up characters not many are familiar with, as just about everybody knows who the Justice League members are.