Andy Lanning On New Marvel UK Series Revolutionary War: Death’s Head & More Return


Just announced at the My Cup O’ Joe Panel at Comic-Con, Andy Lanning will be writing a new Marvel UK mini-series with Revolutionary War.

It’s also announced that paired with Lanning will be Alan Cowsill.

The series will feature Easter Eggs for fans of the 90s series as well as cameos including The Museum of Antiquities, MI-13, Darkmoor and more.

It’s also said that Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom will be involved, and that fans of heroes like Warheads, Knights of Pendragon, Death’s Head, Warheads, Dark Angel, Super Soldiers, Motormouth and Killpower will be pleased.

“In re-reading the Marvel UK titles and researching old continuity we’ve realized there’s actually a very large and diverse cast of UK based characters available to us,” Lanning notes. “We’ll be revisiting most of the popular old Marvel UK characters and a few of the more obscure ones.”