Watch: American Horror Story: Roanoke “Chapter 7” Preview Trailer


american horror story chapter 7 Watch: American Horror Story: Roanoke "Chapter 7" Preview Trailer

Mind blown!

Wow! What an episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke we had earlier tonight. Honestly, I had to pause it a few times and figure out what was exactly what. For instance, everything we saw in previous episodes going on at the house was all for “TV” – the TV series within the TV series – meaning they were all actors, even the “ghosts.” We don’t actually know who or what the Butcher looks like, or who actually plays the character for the real (our) AHS show (Jessica Lange is my guess).  It was also revealed that just about everybody dies except for one person, and the series went from a crime/drama reenactment show to a reality show to a found footage flick!

With next week’s episode, there are only four remaining for this Season. Check out the preview for American Horror Story: Roanoke “Chapter 7” below.