American Horror Story: Asylum “I Am Anne Frank (Part 2)” Episode 5 Recap



This is one show that I might be more addicted to than AMC’s The Walking Dead.

American Horror Story, now in its second season on FX with “Asylum,” is just as crazy as the name insinuates.

There’s devils, Nazi doctors and bleepin‘ aliens!

Compared to last season I think it’s a bit less scary and definitely more gory; however, the story is pretty much right up there. Just when you think you have things figured out, it takes you for a 180 and leaves your mouth gaping wide open like one of the Asylum’s patients after a “cocktail.”

And it’s definitely more “rated R” than TWD as well. Good or bad, you decide.

Now on to the episode.

“I Am Anne Frank” Part 2 continues basically from where we left off last episode. 

Anne Frank had attacked Doctor Arden, believing him to be a Nazi scientist. The gun that she swiped from one of the cops she now had pointed at the Doctor’s head. Too bad security guard Frank McCann points his own gun at her head, and she’s eventually sedated.  As the Doctor’s leg is injured, he’s up the creek if they find his lab the way it is – with Shelly the way she is – but the devilish Sister Mary offers to go take care of things.

Sister Jude meets with a private investigator, a former prisoner of the concentration camps, to look into Arden. He’ll get back to her when he can and tells her not to stir things up.

Then, Anne Frank’s husband comes to the Asylum. Turns out she is not really Anne Frank, but his wife, and they have a baby. She went nutso when the baby was born and became infatuated with Anne Frank. It’s all made up. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Thredson tells Lana Winters, the lesbian journalist, that he is breaking her out and they will be leaving together. But before he does that he has to meet with Kit. He tells Kit he has to accept what he did etc, and one way he can help him out is if Kit hears back in his own words what he did. So Thredson records Kit “confessing.”

From there, Anne Frank returns to the asylum — her husband can’t take her being up the coo coo’s nest, and she seems to be getting worse. The husband talks to Sister Jude, and now he wants to talk to Dr. Thredson

While all that has been going on, Kit and Grace were scheduled to get sterilized, but Sister Jude changed her mind — just for Kit. This led to Grace going a little bonkers in her cell, when all of a sudden a bright light filled the door and her room. It’s the frickin‘ alien! They abduct her and a woman tells her to be calm etc. It’s Kit’s wife! She’s alive! From there, I think we are led to believe that the alien performs a procedure on her — sterilization.

Thredson and Lana go to make their escape. They make it as far as the car when Frank the Guard/Cop stops the Dr. and informs him that Sister Jude and Anne Frank’s husband wish to speak with him (he can’t see Lana). Thredson tells Frank he has no interest and never did. From there, the two are off.

Back to Anne Frank; as Thredson isn’t available the husband goes to visit her in the cell when he meets face to face with Arden. He is all apologetic for his wife’s behavior etc, to which Arden recommends – lobotomy!

Sister Jude ends up having a melt down somewhere along the lines as well, as Arden says he is pressing charges against her for the gun incident, and that means she will be dismissed. She ends up getting dressed in her street clothes, going to a bar, getting drunk and sleeping with some guy. Arden and Sister Mary have a conversation where they discuss how Arden will take over the Asylum with Sister Mary being at his right hand.

Thedson and Lana arrive at his apartment. She wants to call people etc, but Thredson says that if discovered, they’ll get into trouble etc, so she has to keep it on the down-low until their appointment tomorrow with a detective. He gets her a glass of wine, turns on a light and offers her a mint. However, everything isn’t as it seems — especially when he says that he wants her to tell his story.

Quickly we make our way back to what happened with Shelly. We’re not sure what exactly Sister Mary did with her, but a group of school children discover Shelly crawling up the stairs from the bomb shelter area. Everybody, including the teacher, screams and runs. 

Back to Thredson and Lana, she asks to go to the bathroom, because she really notices something is amiss. As she makes her way, she tries to find a way to escape, but comes upon Threshold’s secret hobby. Yep, the lampshades are made of human skin and the mint bowl was half a skull. Thredson then opens a trap door in which Lana falls down.

Arden is seen giving Anne Frank a lobotomy with her husband watching. 


Lana awakens with her foot chained in a basement/lab (think Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and lying next to her is her half-thawed out lover. Thredson is the killer! Not Arden! And Thredson wants to continue her therapy and tells Lana to kiss her dead friend’s lips. She doesn’t have to worry about getting bit – not because she’s dead – but because she has no teeth! With that, Thredson puts on a leather-face mask, like what they show in the Asylum with the present day.

Next we go to the Asylum where Kit finds Grace bleeding. He thinks they performed the sterilization procedure, and he screams for help. Just then, detectives make their way and arrest Kit for the murders of the missing girls — and they have Thredson’s tapes of Kit confessing for evidence. As Kit is being taken away, Grace yells that the alien-thing is all true and that she saw his wife.

Finally, we are back to Anne Frank who is happy as can be with her husband and baby. He wants a martini and notices some of her Anne Frank photos and such have been taken off a billboard. He’s happy to throw them out, and then the camera zooms on a picture of Hitler with a young Arden pictured as well.

Great episode, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX.



Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.  Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner.  From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls. Starring Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos.