AMC’s The Walking Dead Major Character Death #2: Easy Way Out? (Episode 212)


*Warning: Spoilers*


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:855:]]Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead saw the second major character death in as many weeks with the departure of Shane.

The episode also saw the funeral of Dale, who was killed last episode when a Walker gutted the group’s “conscience.”

The preview for this episode took us for a spin as we were led to believe that the young captive, Randall, had escaped while jumping Shane. However, we learn that it was all a set up by Shane, who took the boy out into the woods and snapped his neck. Shane then proceeded to bash his own face against a tree to make it look as if Randall had took him by surprise, and he filled the group in on what “went down.” 

As the group goes on the hunt for Randall, Rick and Shane are paired together, with Daryl and Glenn paired off as well. The latter group discovers Randall first — who they realize has turned into a Zombie minus any bite marks!

From there we are taken to Rick and Shane, with Shane turning on his former partner. Rick gets into it with Shane about how can he live with himself etc. Shane gets into it with Rick about how he is a failure as a husband and father etc. At the same time, Rick is taking out his gun asking Shane over and over if he can commit murder and kill an unarmed man. Rick keeps getting closer and closer telling Shane they are both going to put their guns down and walk to the house together. Rick then pulls out a knife from behind his back and finishes off Shane.

Following those events, Carl discovers his father and Shane’s body, realizes what occurred, and pulls his pistol on his father. Earlier in the episode Carl approached Shane and confessed to what happened in the swamp with the zombie. This led to a confrontation with Rick and Shane, and to add to that, while Rick was away, Laurie approached Shane and admitted she wasn’t sure who was the father of the baby. All this (we can theorize) finally led to Shane deciding to set up Rick to be killed, but things just didn’t work out that way.

Back to Carl and Rick: Carl is upset pointing the gun at his father when Shane awakens! The dead has risen and its hungry! Rick doesn’t realize this and makes his way toward Carl. Zombie Shane is getting closer when — BAM! — Carl shoots Shane right in the head!

Hell of a shot, Carl!

Guess what, though?!

The gun shot being so loud — summons a Zombie horde!

To be continued in next week’s season final! Here’s the preview and clip.


*Spoilers for “The Walking Dead” comic book below*

Note: If you have not done so, go read the first six issues of TWD comic — you’ll thank me for it!

And don’t read below!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:854:]]So as a comic book fan of The Walking Dead, what did we think?! Did AMC take the easy way out with Shane’s death? 

We know that it was actually Carl who pulled the trigger defending his father which killed Shane, not vice versa.

While Carl does “technically” kill Shane, it was the zombified remains of Shane that was put down.

Was this another attempt by AMC to go off in another direction than the comic books, or was it just an easy way out, as having a young boy shoot down Shane would have been deemed too controversial?

Likewise in the comics (The Walking Dead #6) after Carl shoots Shane, there is a father son bonding moment, with Rick telling his son it’s not the same to kill a real person than it is a Walker.

And fans of the comic will note how Carl’s character develops from there.

So, was this a major issue that AMC changed? Or did you feel the story set up between Shane and Rick warranted Rick doing the deed?