Advanced Review: Red Lanterns #14



In Red Lanterns #14, scribe Peter Milligan brings us an unusually strong story of rage as the “Rise of the Third Army” continues.

The cosmic attack on the Red Lanterns is shocking, more so since we have usually just seen the Guardians’ new legion in vignettes and in abstract. The battle with Atrocitus and Co. was most real, with some of his hosts actually losing their lives, such as they are.

When he needs his troops to be at their strongest, Atrocitus is finding that their main battery is weakening and that their numbers are growing short.

The answer? A synthetic army, one that might not be transformed by the Third Army. The magicks of the blood lake give the Red Lanterns’ leader the question, the answer and the cause. Where is there such a synthetic army? Why, the Manhunters remaining on Ryutt, Atrocitus’ home world – the Space Sector where they killed everything … in the name of the Guardians of the Universe, of course.

To say this ironic is to voice the obvious.

Meanwhile, Bleez accompanies the once-human Rankorr back to Earth, there to face the one who caused the death of his grandfather. Having done this herself recently, it will be interesting to see the interplay between the newbie and Bleez. Oh yeah, speaking of interesting? There is a cosmic cat also tailing the two to Earth who has a more than a desire for a taste of revenge against a certain member of Stormwatch!

A well-woven tale, I must say, and one of the best in this “event” as it plays out. I look forward to how the Manhunters themselves rise to meet the challenge of the Third Army and how this is comes to fruition in the other Lantern books.

With a great story and some decent art, this may be one of the best Red Lanterns yarns since the coming of this New 52 title. Try it.