Advanced Review: Avengers Assemble #4


Marvel is banking on Thanos’ mysterious post-credit appearance in the movie The Avengers to really juice this title up (his mug is above the team logo!), and I must admit that for this month and next (Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone?) I am forcing myself to fall into the corporate trap and see if anything is worthwhile.

And while the run thus far of Avengers Assemble has been very blasé, I must admit Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley turn up the old-time charm and really do manage to evoke some of the spirit of Marvel Cosmic we lost about two years or so ago.

No spoilers here, but suffice it to say that when the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive, the table has been all set for them and all is prepared well. Whether this will satisfy some of the desires we Marvel Cosmic fans have wanted in the long run –? Well, probably not since Annihilation this isn’t.

But — and I say this with caution cuz I have to be in an office with the CBN guys eight hours a day — I have a small amount of hope left that Bendis and his drawing power may just make  new resurrection of Marvel Cosmic just as Roy Thomas resurrected Adam Warlock from the droll “Him” days and set him up for Starlin.

A good vehicle, a great villain (I even like the new Zodiac) and a lot of expectations are riding on this one.

Brian, this ain’t just about movie companion comics anymore —