Advanced Review: Avengers #5 (Hickman & Kubert)


There is something refreshing about Avengers #5.

After the perceived lull of issue #4 – of which I have since changed my mind — there is an energy here and a nostalgia of sorts. New candles made, other old flames rekindled.

As we got with Hyperion (sans continuity baggage) last ish, this story by the long-play Jonathan Hickman and Adam Kubert had me waxing nostalgic about the not-so-long days agone when we were seeing Gladiator and his Imperial Guard three to four times a month in War of Kings, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Imperial Guard as well as related Marvel Cosmic titles courtesy of DnA. When Izzy finally reaches Chandilar and we see Gladiator on his throne surround by the IGs, I think I had tears in my eyes.

Granted, the little team of Avengers led by Cap was probably not necessary to hammer into the space battle with the unknown race, square-peg-in-round-hole-like. Still, one of the true pleasures of reading this mag is seeing these smaller teams working together now that the big gathering has taken place (although I recall Hickman mentioning something of “more on the way?” Yeesh!)

I liked Cap’s idea for Manifold: take something and teleport it into the space occupied by something else. So simple, so eloquent.

And did you notice that when the Hulk and Smasher (who has a great origin story in this issue) smashed something, the sound effect was a version of, well, “Smash?” Apropos.

I am a big fan of Kubert’s art, but some panels, as some said last issue, just do not click. I think we were spoiled by the first three issues visually. Still, to keep the delivery time on time with great stories like this I am willing to settle, knowing that these are but pieces to a larger puzzle.

And what about the all-too-brief rock ‘em-sock ‘em action in outer space with the IGs and the Avengers against the nameless aliens? Also, what about the secret Oracle divines at the end of the piece? Shocking!

I can say nothing bad about this issue of Avengers. It was a cosmic trip that reminded me of such rides past.