ABC In Talks For Star Wars TV Series



Since around 2005 there has been mention of a potential Star Wars TV series with it even reported 50 scripts were completed.

Obviously the TV series never came to be with different reports citing various reasons including the technology available wasn’t up to par in addition to costs associated with producing Star Wars for television would be astronomically high.

However, that was before Disney purchased LucasFilm, and now we hear that a new Star Wars TV series may be in the works at ABC.

At the recent TCA press tour presentation, ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee revealed there have at least been talks of a Star Wars series for TV.

“We’ve started conversations with them,” Lee said, reported Reuters. “I have an inkling in my mind, but they have a lot on their plate.”

That “lot on their plate” would of course be the movies, which will see J.J. Abrams bring Star Wars: Episode VII to the big screen in 2015, in addition to the planned spin-off movies with it said there would be at least one film per year. Disney XD also has Star Wars Rebels in the works, and Electronic Arts has the exclusive video game license for the Star Wars franchise with what looks to be at least two game in development.

The live-action Star Wars TV series, rumored title “Underworld,” that had George Lucas on board was originally set between the prequel trilogy movies and the originals.

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