6 Months Post New DC Comics 52 Reboot: What Remains On Your Pull List?!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1046:]]February saw the 6 month mark pass on by for the DC Comics New 52 reboot.

I’ve been updating what remains on my pull list from the initial 52 books that debuted in September.

I purchased and read every one of the New 52, and from that list saw me keep 33.

Two months later, of those 33, I kept 22 (I ended up sticking with Superboy).

So 6 months down the line, how is my DC Comics New 52 pull list looking?

These were my current “top” books after three months:

Action Comics, Aquaman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, The Flash, Justice League, Stormwatch, Supergirl, Superboy, Teen Titans, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batman, Batwing, Frankenstein, OMAC

Of those, 5 have been dropped: Batgirl, Batwoman, Detective Comics, Batwing, and OMAC. I was never a huge Batman fan to begin with, but I really did enjoy the first couple issues of Batgirl and Batwoman. Not sure what happened, but my interest died out. Could be my LCS ran out of copies, and I missed a few weeks, but I really didn’t end up missing reading them, so that’s that. Batwing saw some choice art fill-ins, so that was gone. And DC made my choice for me in regards to OMAC as it’s cancelled.

Animal Man, AquamanBatman, and Swamp Thing have been “promoted” to the must buy list!


These were what was left of my “mid-tiers” at the 3 month mark:

Captain Atom, Mister Terrific

Both are gone as Mister Terrific is cancelled, and I missed a couple Captain Atom issues. With CA being so low on the charts, I have no faith DC will be keeping it around much longer. 


Habit buys: Superman

Superman hasn’t been all that good, I just buy it because it’s “Superman.” This book needs to be EPIC — needs a top artist and writer, IMO.


So from the 22 that was left, take away 7, and that leaves me with 15 DC Comics on my pull list.

That’s still +12 or so that I didn’t follow pre-New 52.

I’ll finish with this: I had high hopes for the New 52, but while we were promised the writers would be able to tell their stories, it is my opinion that the Editors got involved too much — and screwed things up! Especially in regards to the mid to low card titles.

Just my opinion, folks!