5 Possibilities For The New Man of Steel Villain (Mo-Cap Man)



A Smallville scene for the Man of Steel filmed in Plano, Illinois last year revealed not only a look at Faora — but some guy with a big plunger on his head?

While not actually a plunger, it’s used to give the cast a sense of just what they are looking at. He’s come to be known among the super fans at the Man of Steel Fan Facebook as the “Mo-Cap Man,” and when all is said and done, will look completely different through the use of CGI.

A similar example would be regarding The Avengers movie with the Chitauri aliens. Actors wearing similar outfits were spotted on the Cleveland set, and they went on to become the aliens that the Avengers battled in the movie. 

As we see, the Mo-Cap Man has a big stick on his head meaning he’s going to be pretty darn big. Judging from the image below, he towers over Superman. By 3 or 4 feet maybe? So that’s a 9-10 foot tall bad boy.

With that, here are five possibilities for the new Man of Steel villain, which I am going to rank based on my own personal opinion.

superman man of steel villain

non5. Non: As the Man of Steel somewhat – shall we say – resembles Superman II, it could be Non, who was one of the imprisoned Kryptonians along with Zod and Ursa, portrayed by actor Jack O’Halloran. I’m doubting this to be the case as Non is not a Superman original villain, but was created for the movie by Richard Donner, and later entered the comic book world when Donner wrote Superman with Geoff Johns.

blackzero4. Black Zero: Black Zero recently became known, and while in the comics it can either be a terrorist group or related to Superboy, it’s since come out through a Man of Steel toy, that Black Zero seems to be a prison spaceship. And Superboy just ain’t that big. 

metallo3. Metallo: Back in April of 2011, Metallo was actually rumored for the movie. Now this would be pretty darn cool on the big screen. Maybe Zod transforms John Corben into Metallo. However, that doesn’t make sense as he is powered by Kryponite. Nah, it ain’t him, either. But maybe Richard Schiff’s Emil Hamilton, of Star Labs, does it somewhere in the movie. We can hope.

doomsday2. Doomsday: Guess who is also rumored for the movie? Yeah, Doomsday. Henry Cavill also said he was reading the “Death of Superman” story. Doomsday was a result of an experiment that saw an early pre-historic Kryptonian cloned over and over until he became “The Ultimate” being; however, it became the ultimate killing machine. Long story short, Doomsday could be on the prison ship (phantom zone?) with Zod. It’s possible.

1. Bizarro: This is my best guess and it’s mostly based on previous comments from Zack Snyder. He said you might see someone that resembles Superman in the movie. Gotta be Bizarro! My best guess is that Snyder is taking a page out of Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son (Cavill read that, too), where Lex Luthor created a Superman-like being to battle Superman; however, as it’s part Superman, it’s part good, and Bizarro sacrifices his life to save millions from a nuke. I’m thinking Bizarro in the Man of Steel is a Kryptonian-Human hybrid created by Zod or Faora, as they are trying to take over the Earth to become a New Krypton.

bizarro superman red son

Bonus: Superman Prime? Naah, too tall, right?!

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Man Of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013 directed by Zack Snyder starring, Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan “Pa” Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as Zod, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Russel Crowe as Jor-El.

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